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Journeyman is the authorized biography of William Garner Sutherland

(Glenn Ickler and Dennis Sutherland; grandnephews of WGS)




Journeyman is a much-needed study of William Garner Sutherland and Jane Stark is the one to write it.  Because of the author's exhaustive research and objective portrait of Sutherland in his milieu, this book and the coming volumes will become the standard and authoritative account if the life of William Garner Sutherland.”                   

    Carol Trowbridge, author of Andrew Taylor Still, 1828-1917

 “Accompanied by pictures, charts and maps, Journeyman tells a fascinating story of how William Garner Sutherland developed the initial skills and inspiration for his cranial model. A must-read for anyone practicing cranial osteopathy.”

    Marie Colford, DO(QC)

“Jane Stark has done an amazing job of researching and describing a trio of histories: William Garner Sutherland’s genealogy and early years; the development of osteopathy; and the progress of the methods of typesetting and printing in the newspaper industry. Her detailed accounts of all three takes this story well beyond the range of a standard biography.” 

    Glenn Ickler, grandnephew of William Garner Sutherland
   “Journeyman is a well-referenced, scholarly book that does an exemplary job of exploring the formative periods of Sutherland’s life, including his work as a newspaper journeyman and his years studying osteopathic medicine at the first school of osteopathy. It provides a valuable backstory to Sutherland’s life and career. I am looking forward to the companion book to follow, which will explore Sutherland’s career, thinking, philosophy, and spiritual interests, as well the development and application of his cranial concept.” 

David B. Fuller, DO, FAAO, FNAOME, Professor, Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and author of Osteopathy and Swedenborg: The Influence of Emanuel Swedenborg on the Genesis and Development of Osteopathy, Specifically on Andrew Taylor Still and William Garner Sutherland

  “Jane Stark takes us with her on the adventure journey of the Sutherland family. What influenced W.G. Sutherland, his path into Osteopathy. In addition, she gives an extraordinary view on the history of osteopathy and even America! The book is strongly recommended for all who are interested in knowing this history.”

Frank Mueller, MD, DO-DAAO, DOM-EROP Orthopedic Surgeon & Osteopathic Physician, President of the European Register of Osteopathic Physicians (EROP), member of the Board of Directors of the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA), Vice-President of the German-American-Academy of Osteopathy (DAAO)


“An ordinary tale revealed in an extraordinary manner enables the reader to experience the hardships endured in early life, whilst gaining insights on how William Garner Sutherland’s future concepts were shaped.”


Tajinder K Deoora, DO(Hons) Dip Phyt MSc FSCCO, Director Deoora Clinic, Faculty & Fellow of Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy (UK), International Lecturer, author of Healing Through Cranial Osteopathy


“Dr. A.T. Still wrote, ’A history of any person, place, thing, government or discovery, to be intelligently presented, must start at the point of time when this person or their discovery did not exist.’ (A.T. Still Papers 2009.10.605) Jane Stark has taken Still’s advice to heart in her well-written biography about Dr. William G. Sutherland—“Will.”  To understand the Father of Cranial Manipulation, Jane provides a deeply detailed and well-researched documentation of Will’s place in time, surroundings, family, work experiences and mentors, written to explain the person. Be prepared to increase your knowledge in the frontier period, why the typesetter experience was key to Will’s perspective and who were his life mentors that taught him to expand osteopathy into unchartered areas. This is not a mere biography of Sutherland; it is an osteopathic experience and awakening. I am confident that you will understand Will and his development of cranial manipulation with greater appreciation when you finish reading Jane’s enjoyable book."


Jason Haxton, Director, Museum of Osteopathic Medicine